Selected work

The Digital Studio of Cedric P. Francois

I'm a digital designer and frontend web developer with a background in arts and experience in a wide range of industries such as luxury, fashion retail, sports and the cryptosphere.

A pragmatic approach, excellent understanding of technology and diverse experience make me a versatile asset for production and creative teams alike.


  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Prototyping
  • Visual assets design


  • Bootstrap / Webflow
  • Wordpress / Commerce
  • Geo Targeting


  • Decentralised Websites
  • Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Blockchain Consulting

Selected work

IMG Endeavor

‘Cedric is a highly skilled developer with a wide and flexible skillset which stands him apart from his peers. His ability to problem solve, communicate and time-keep made him a joy to work with. In times of high stress, his professionalism was particularly helpful in dealing with clients and handling issues promptly. He is an individual that can manage multiple projects at the same time with ease.’

John McAleenan,
Creative Lead at Endeavor.


‘Cedric is a talented and experienced digital designer. He brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism in his work. Highly recommended for short and long term projects.’

Geoffrey Lam,
Lead Digital Designer at Christie’s.


‘Cedric’s designs were clear, clean and highly impressive. Key to this was a sense of what was appropriate for the intended audience. Cedric was flexible in his approach and worked interactively with a group of stakeholders. This interactivity was a very effective way of growing the design. His approach was very open and accommodating and has resulted in a very crisp and polished system that is very popular with AQA’s customers.’

Mike Wines,
Senior Project Manager at AQA.

PA Consulting

‘I hired Cedric during a critical phase of a replatforming project. Cedric very quickly understood the challenges and how best he could help us. He demonstrated great flexibility and resilience against pressure. He managed a large quantity of work independently and efficiently, and played a key role to allow the team to meet the deadline and complete the project successfully.’

Emilie Bommelaer,
Global Head of Digital Marketing
at PA Consulting Group.

IMG / Endeavor

UFC Arabia website

Webflow CMS build + Geo Targeting. Built in English and Arabic with multiple currency display. Client / Art direction: Abu Dhabi Media / Endeavor, NYC.

Volleyball TV website

Webflow rebuild and Geo Targeting.
Client: IMG, London.

Strive Sports website

Webflow CMS build, Landing pages templates, Geo Targeting with multiple languages and currencies. Client / Art direction: IMG, London, Stockholm.

NYFW website

Webflow CMS build and Geo blocking.
Client / Art Direction: Endeavor, NYC.